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Our history

Since 1933, generation after generation, we exceeded 80 years of activity.

In 1933, Carlo Re, qualified installer at Simonini Company in Milan, a firm specialized in the manufacturing of machines and plants for the rice processing, resigned from his job and opened a workshop on his own for the installation and maintenance of rice processing machines and plants.

During the years, he dealt with the construction of cleaning and sorting machines for rice such as cleaning machines, thickness graders, rotary sifters, etc. He started also to construct panel bolted silos.

In the post-war, 1950, his son Pietro following his father’s footsteps, joined the workshop and in 1967, after his father’s death, he managed the whole Company. Pietro continued and improved the job of installation and maintenance of rice processing machines dealing also plants for the processing of spelt and barley as well as machines for the sorting and screening of legumes and cork.

In 1988, joined the Company Francesco, the current owner and Pietro’s son. At the end of 90’s, the increasing demand of puffed cake machines on the Italian market, encouraged the Company to develop this new type of machines, opening up the way to discover a new market both national and international. It is with a certain pride, that today we can state to be leader in the global market as manufacturers of complete lines for the production of puffed cakes and no-fried snacks.