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A complete range of machines and accessories to develop and complete your production line.

Pressa RP EVO

RP-EVO Popping machine

Latest news: a single machine has finally arrived to produce both crackers and non-fried snacks
Pressa per gallette Bake Italy

MRC Popping machine

With the MRC presses Bake Italy, you can easily produce a variety of new products, or target the new health-conscious gluten-free segments
Sistemi automatici di trasporto materie prime

Automatic conveyor system

They are used to transfer grain/micropellets from the mixer to the hoppers of puffing machines
Nastri trasportatori

Conveyor belts

The conveyor belts are designed according to the plant layout and are made entirely of stainless steel
Miscelatore orizzontale

Horizontal mixer

It is suitable for the product preparation phase coming before the cereal cakes or chips production process
Tamburo setacciante

Drum sieve

Used in the production lines for the removal of waste in order to send scrap-free snacks and cakes to the flavoring and / or packaging line
Tavolo rotante

Rotating table

It is positioned at the end of the packaging line and its function is to accumulate packets of cakes
Misuratore di umidità

Moisture meter

The Moisture Meter Whole grain meter with 300g sample weight is capable of measuring moisture on a wide range of products
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