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Horizontal distribution

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RE PIETRO s.r.l. is capable of designing and delivering complete production line starting from process machines to packaging line together with an efficient after-sales service.

RE PIETRO in collaboration with TAV for all the requirements of aromatization and horizontal transport.


Horizontal distribution

TAV has been developed a new horizontal distribution system ables to handle products through the different production steps and lines (even the most fragile ones) without demage them. The system grants high cleanliness standards foundamental in food industries.

Compact and robust equipment.
Modularity and easy cleaning.
Easily reconfigurable lines, customized design with up to 10 meters trays.
High durability.
Low cost maintenance.
Low acoustic level

Options and functionality of our equipment:
Incorporation of trapdoor and sieve system, allows to pass or distribute the product to one devise or another.

Synchronization of several parts of equipment. The two parts of equipment copy the same movement, allowing them to join consecutively, achieving long routes. Ideal for refrigeration and supervision lines.

Possibility of automatic reversal of the direction of the product´s movement.

With no remains accumulation at the bottom of the tray, such as fats, salts and other products, avoiding their later release after many hours of operating.

Direct unloading of the product to the multi-head system, dosing according to the needs and maintaining continuous and homogenous flow of the product.

The smooth movement of the equipment allows the photocells to be installed, measuring with electronic equipment in the same tray, safe from damaging vibrations.

Systems suitable for visual inspection of the product, without vibrations which hinder the view of the product and are harmful for the person who works many hours in this post.