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RP Series

Carbon steel structure coated with chemical nickel certified for use with food, electrical panel in stainless steel with side control panel for a height man.

The rice cake machine RP Series is able to transform grains, micro-pellets and mix of both in soft and tasty puffed cakes or crisp and healthy non-fried snacks.

The Rice Cake Machine RP Series is equipped with a hydraulic unit for the movement of the mould by generating the necessary pressure for the expansion of the raw materials.

The feeding plate, which provides the loading of the raw materials and, the central plate of the mould are pneumatically operated.

Both hydraulic and pneumatic components along with the machines are equipped are of prime quality (Bosch-Rexroth, SMC, Vesta).

The forming mould is made of hardened steel and coated with titanium nitride in order to grant its long life and prevent the sticks of the raw material during the production. The entirely mould as well as all parts getting in contact with raw materials (food) are manufactured with suitable materials for the processing of food products and obtained the Hygienic Quality Certificate according to the EC Directive 1935/2004.

The heating of the moulds (upper and lower) is carried out by using high density cartridge heathers and the temperature of the same is separately controlled by two OMRON temperature controllers.

The machine is managed by a SIEMENS PLC interfaced to a SIEMENS touch screen control panel. Each single machine is equipped with an its own PLC and control panel. From the control panel it is possible to set up all the production phases, save the recipes and check the process failures thanks to an efficient diagnostic system.

Technical data:

Installed power Avarage hourly consumption Air consumption Dimension and Weight
14,2 Kw
(220/400 V – 50/60 Hz)
7/8 Kw/h 120 Nl/min
6 bar
1015 Kg