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Smart flavour System Compact SFSC

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RE PIETRO s.r.l. is capable of designing and delivering complete production line starting from process machines to packaging line together with an efficient after-sales service.

RE PIETRO in collaboration with TAV for all the requirements of aromatization and horizontal transport.

Linee di aromatizzazione SFSC

Smart flavour System Compact SFSC

It is used for the aromatization of products in medium-low production lines.

  • The machine can be installed directly on the packaging machines, thus being able to simultaneously apply different aromas to the same product, thus giving flexibility to the production process.
  • Each equipment analyses the amount of the product it conveyers by the continuous weighing system, applying only the previously programmed in the software percentage of flavour. The software guarantees an adequate amount of the flavour, protecting this way recipes of the client with different types of seasoning, and provides all the information about the equipment.



Tumble drum:
Made in one piece with specific grooves to rotate the product and at the same time to mix the flavours. Its shape avoids dead zones and accumulation of the product residues; easily dismantled for cleaning and maintenance.

Dispenser comb:
Designed with specific movement to generate homogeneous curtain of flavours. Has a flavour detection system and a non-stick surface.

The system equipped with a stirrer and endless screw for flavour dosing; easily dismantled for cleaning. Its weighing method allows to measure the quantity of the flavour applied during the whole process.

Main tray:
Receives the product coming from the input tray, it is interchangeable and contains a weighing system that allows us to apply the proportional amount of the flavour.

Liquids spray system:
It is equipped with adjustable liquid atomization system, which is proportionally controlled by the weighing system.

Designed in stainless steel both outside and inside, soft curved equipment, without corners. Completely dismantled and washable.
Each process can be customized, due to the electrical panel, display and dispenser, which can be adapted to the customer needs.
The equipment has two homologated and interchangeable engines, what facilitates the repair.

Example of flavoring mini cakes: