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Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy

Certify the origin.

The 100% Made in Italy Certification, issued by the Italian Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers, guarantees the origin and quality of the product as well as its authenticity in accordance with Italian law in force: Law 166, art. 16, of 20/11/2009.

Issuance of Certification involves the existence of specific product and system requirements based on the specification “IT01-100% Original Italian Quality”.
The 100% brand Made in Italy synthesizes in itself values that represent the quality of production, creativity and Italian style.

Re Pietro srl, proud of having obtained this precious acknowledgment of his trademark regarding the production of Presses for Gallette and Snack, was registered at no. IT01.IT/1214.035.V of the Italian Producers’ Register “100% Made in Italy”.

The Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers offers a traceability system for all Certified Producers.
By visiting at the traceability entry, by entering the Company Logo or Product Certification Code above, the consumer will be able to ascertain the true origin of the Italian Certified Product.