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Horizontal mixer

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Horizontal mixer

The horizontal mixer MO Series, is suitable for the product preparation phase coming before the cereal cakes production process.

It is used to mix the cereals to be processed by adding water to increase the moisture. Thanks to its effectiveness paddle stirrer, the horizontal mixer MO Series ensures an accurate and rapid products mixing.

The machine is completely built in stainless steel AISI 304 and fully customizable on customer’s demand; it is equipped with control systems and protections as required by EC legislation.

In the rice cakes processing plants, the mixer can be connected to a mechanical transportation system disks to automate the loading of the feed hoppers of our rice cake machines.

Technical data:

Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight
M.O. 02 200 Lt 2,2 kW 1900x600x1270 mm 300 kg
M.O. 03 300 Lt 4,0 kW 2000x700x1350 mm 380 kg
M.O. 05 500 Lt 5,5 kW 2150x750x1500 mm 430 kg