Re Pietro Re Pietro Flavoring line

Flavoring line


The flavoring line is used within the production plant for mini-puffed cakes and/or snacks in order to season the same with salt and/or flavouring.


The product to be seasoned is delivered into the first drum where occurs the addition of oils on the surface of the mini-puffed cakes or snacks. Thus will ensure that seasonings may adhere to the surface of the same.

The oil batching is controlled by means of the nebulization group AutoJet of Spraying System Company able to dose the right amount of oil according to the quantity of incoming product.

Once the oil has been aggregated to snacks, they will be delivered to a second drum for the addition of salt and / or flavorings in powder form.

Technical data:

Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight
F.L. 200 100÷200 Kg/h 0,7 kW 4900x1900x1700 mm 570 Kg

Flavoring line
Flavoring line

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